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How business cards can expand your network

Written by Chris Coombes on May 10, 2022

In a digital world obsessed with online marketing strategies, it’s easy to forget about the physical. Have you ever considered that you could carry a powerful marketing tool in your pocket? That’s right, we’re talking about business cards.

Rarely discussed but oh-so-useful, these little cards aren’t to be sniffed at. Here’s why we’re big fans of business cards and how they can boost your business.

What are business cards?

You’ve probably seen or been presented with a business card before. But if you haven’t, business cards are small snippets of card containing someone’s professional details — including their name, company, services, and contact details.

Business cards were invented as a way to expand one’s professional network. Before the invention of Facebook and LinkedIn, you couldn’t just search for someone online. Giving someone a physical copy of your details meant you could stay in touch.

Are business cards still relevant?

Long story short — yes! Business cards are still a great marketing tool for a number of reasons….

The benefits of business cards

  • Stand out from the crowd — business cards make a strong first impression, there’s no doubt about it. Anyone can say they’d like to stay in touch, but it’s better to show than tell. Giving someone a physical copy of your details sends a clear message.
  • A conversation starter — few people carry business cards these days, but this can work to your advantage! They can spark in-person questions about your service — something a LinkedIn invitation will never be able to achieve.
  • Part of your brand — a well-designed business card is an excellent way to implement your branding. By including your logo, brand font, and colour scheme, your cards can help you create a cohesive brand image.
  • Made to be passed along — you could meet your next big client in your local pub, but do you know what’s even more likely? Meeting the friend, relative, or partner of your next big client. If you just share your name for contacts to look up later, they’ll probably forget it! With a business card, you have a reliable way of getting your details to the right person. This brings us to our next point…
  • Reliability — sharing your details isn’t failproof. Phone numbers can be noted down incorrectly and names can be misremembered. By designing your own clear and correct stack of identical business cards, you’ll never need to worry. Just pay close attention to detail and ensure all the information is correct and up to date!
  • A blended marketing approach — research shows that it’s best to incorporate both digital and physical marketing tools into your strategy. Business cards are a great physical marketing approach that can be used by most business sectors.
  • Represent your company and yourself — perhaps you’re a solicitor or estate agent — do you represent both your firm and yourself as an individual professional? Business cards can detail the company you work for and provide information about how to contact you personally. This can help potential clients feel more comfortable with getting in touch directly.
  • Events — if you’re going to a networking event where you’ll be meeting lots of people in a short amount of time, business cards can save you time and stress. They’re also sleek and professional. Scribbling your details onto pieces of paper and tapping your number into other people’s phones — not so much!

How to design the perfect business card

Now you know about the benefits of business cards, let’s move on to designing them. How do you ensure that your cards are going to be effective and make the right impression? Take some time to perfect your design.

Make sure your business cards are easy to read, contain only relevant information, and accurately reflect your brand. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always contact a design agency to help bring your cards to life.

Your printing company may also be able to help. Just make sure you choose reputable printers with the necessary knowledge to create impactful business cards, as well as the facilities to print high-quality, tailored designs.

Business cards from Nettl of Exeter

Are you looking for quality business card printing in Devon? Our Exeter team is here to help. We’ve been printing business cards since the 90s, so we know a thing or two about getting them just right.

Our high tech facilities produce gorgeous prints that never fail to delight our customers. We can create cards on a variety of stocks, from uncoated and matt laminated to gloss and smooth grand suede. The choice is yours! We’re all about the details, so opt for elements like shaped corners or metallic foiling — whatever will help your business stand out.
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