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How To Stand Out At An Exhibition

Written by Tom on September 7, 2022

So you've booked your next trade show. You’ve organised your poster printing to create a buzz, brushed up your logo design, and considered banner printing as a great way to generate interest at a high-traffic event. And now you're wondering what else you can do to catch the eye among all those rows of identikit exhibition stands. 

So how do you elevate your trade show presence from drab and dowdy to handshake-worthy showstopper?

Tell your story

Branding is all about telling your story. So don't be bland, be fabulous. Engage your audience with an immersive, engaging experience that leaves them wanting more.

Don't let your stand be part of the wallpaper. Every display element needs on-point graphic design and an engaging, eye-catching design. You want people queueing up to see what makes you different. So every aspect of your stand, from logo branding to display boards, needs to contribute to the narrative and reflect your roots. And don't forget to offer on-the-day discounts and other incentives, so you convert your leads there and then.

If you're looking for a real showstopper when you're out and about at exhibitions, why not try a printed fabric stand or gazebo? These in-house designed visual aids will surely bring in the crowds (especially when it can shelter them from the sweltering sun or a downpour!). You can find out more about these in our Exhibit Guide.

Make the most of your team

Your stand design might be amazing, but nothing succeeds without the human touch. Think of a trade fair as a warzone where your event team are your secret weapon. After all, your team are the people that make the difference between an empty calendar or a diary full of hot leads.

Your team is the first point of contact between visitors and your brand, so make the most of it. Wearing a uniform, something as simple as a logo-branded T-shirt, will boost brand recognition and give a polished and professional first impression.

Creating your own mascot is an attention-grabbing ploy that's bound to get your stand noticed. And those fun photo ops can be a compelling way to raise your social media profile.

Get cosy

How can you make visitors feel they want to spend time at your exhibition stand? By creating an environment where people can relax and forget the stresses of being at a trade fair. And that means providing home comforts like freshly brewed coffee, the best biscuits, comfy chairs – and maybe some free wi-fi.

You'll instantly create a buzz by providing something the competition can't match - nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Best of all, you don't need to go over budget. Instead, just ask yourself what little luxuries you'd like to find on a trade stand after a long day in the exhibition hall.

Theme your experience

If you really want your exhibition stand to get noticed, create an experience. Theme your space in a way that delights your visitors and makes your business instantly memorable.

Create a superhero stand with a phone box and capes, or add sand and deckchairs for a seaside vibe. From artificial grass and patio furniture to a 007 theme, the only limit is your imagination – as long as your theme links back to your business and expresses your brand personality.

Expect the unexpected

It's the goal of every exhibitor. To become the must-see stand. The destination hot spot everyone's talking about creating an impact long after the show is over. The one that keeps generating leads and positive feedback.

You could try guerilla marketing, like the WePay ice block stunt. And your competition has probably hired the latest technology so visitors can marvel at sales talk in VR. But to get yourself noticed, you're going to offer something unexpected, like a graffiti artist recreating your logo live onstage or fun, interactive team games that combine nostalgia and engagement.

Make giveaways memorable

Your budget probably doesn't stretch to giving away an Xbox. But when pens are destined to end up in the bottom of a drawer, it pays to do better giveaways. 

Start with your promotional materials. Beautifully designed business cards and brochures are the hallmarks of a professional business. They're unique, add value for your visitors and create a great impression.

Next, give some thought to your giveaways. They're a trade show classic for a reason, but why stick with mugs and USB sticks when you could give away cool graphic T-shirts, your own branded coffee blend or some logo shot glasses? 

Pack them all in a big branded reusable bag, and you'll get some excellent free advertising and a reputation for sustainability. It's an effortless win-win.

Nettl of Exeter is your secret weapon

To make the biggest and best impact at your next trade show, Nettl is here to help. We'll deal with everything from your pre-show web presence to your printing and signage, so get in touch with Team Nettl today.

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