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Thinking of a New Logo? Here’s What You Should Know

Written by Chris Coombes on June 13, 2022

When you’re flat-out running a business, certain jobs fall by the wayside. Your graphic design and branding may need a refresh but do you have the time to overhaul your logo?

Even if it’s moved down on the priority list, updating your logo design can breathe a new lease of life into your business. Graphic design has become so sophisticated in recent years, a rudimentary logo from five years ago just won’t cut the mustard in comparison to your competitors anymore. 

But where do you start? Read on for all you need to know about logo design and how logo design companies — like Nettl — can help.

Why is logo design so important for your brand?

Essentially, a logo is a form of storytelling without using words. Your logo is the body language of your business. It has the power to convey your company ethos, foster loyalty between brand and consumer, and influence how potential customers connect with your services.

Re-designing your logo: areas to consider 

Here are just a few of the points to consider when you’re just starting out in logo design or considering a revamp.

Figure out what isn’t working anymore

Identify your brand and recognise whether your logo still aligns with your company values.  Did you know that logo modernisation and consistent branding has proven to boost business revenue by 23%

In recent years, business logos have undergone a ‘debranding’ trend. Take a look at the car company Kia Motors, which changed its company logo to a sleeker, more streamlined version that was unveiled at a huge record-breaking drone and firework display. The result is a more refined logo that appeals to a younger audience without excluding their loyal, more mature customers. 

In the fight for screen real estate, ‘debranding’ is the simplification of logo design to make them more usable across different platforms. Gradients, shadows and lighting are trimmed from cluttered logos, resulting in a cleaner, leaner design that can be optimised onto a tiny app icon or responsive website.

Burger King and Warner Brothers also altered their dated, retro logos to simpler, less illustrative designs. You can also do the same if your company logo is in need of a refresh. 

Carefully consider your business logo’s colour scheme, typography and imagery, locate your brand identity and whether you want to move your business logo in a new direction. 

Full overhaul or minor alterations?

Drastic logo changes, such as a completely new colour scheme, might confuse your existing customer base. 

It’s also important to note that these alterations would need to be implemented across all digital channels such as your business website and social media platforms, so choose carefully. 

Sometimes a simple logo tweak is just as impactful.

Grow with your audience

If you are just starting your business, think of your logo like a dating profile, first impressions count. Imagine your logo as a first date between your business and a potential customer — a   well-designed one could be the difference between a second date or no date at all. Have a good think about your business ethos. 

How can you build trust, validate professionalism and make sure that customers continue to come back to your logo?

What’s more, as a business owner you must be prepared to adapt as your audience (and society) changes. Think of your favourite Devon brands such as Burt’s Crisps, Ambrosia, Plymouth Gin and Wrigleys. As consumers, we are drawn to the companies where we know we are in safe hands. Chances are, when we see any one of these business logos, we associate them with quality, trust and reliability. They are brands we love that elicit feelings of comfort and safety. 

The main thing to remember if you’re thinking about updating your logo is to maintain the same level of familiarity your business has already built. Consumers crave consistency, and when your business is desirable, the first thing people will look for is your logo. 

Overtake the competition

A little competition doesn’t hurt anyone, especially your business. Research your competitors. Does their logo look enticing or could it do with some improvement? 

If your business offers the same services or products as neighbouring brands, identify the ways you can set your business apart, play to your differences. Perhaps your business can offer a creative edge, or maybe you are passionate about sustainability? 

Either way, these differences can be advantageous to your branding. For an environmental angle, some greenery could be incorporated into your logo, and a creative logo could employ more colours or complex graphics, for example. Showcase your individuality, your logo is your business’s time to shine!  

Designers (sometimes) know best

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to upgrading your business logo, that’s where logo designers can help. Here at your favourite design agency in Devon, we cater for all your business marketing needs under one roof, saving you the hassle of having to outsource for different services. Our goal has always been to boost local businesses and their customer outreach through logo design, printing, signage, web design and much more. Contact us to get involved.

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