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3 Signs That It’s Time to Rebrand

Written by Tom on November 2, 2022

A rebrand is a healthy part of any strong business model, but knowing when to take the plunge can be tough. All too often, the signs get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday work life, and even when you do recognise them, choosing to actually embark on a rebranding project is hardly an easy task. So, how do you know when it’s finally time to contact a branding agency?

What is a Rebrand?

A rebrand is the process of redefining how a business or product is perceived. It can include the reimagining of everything from the brand’s name and tagline, to its logo and visual identity, to its website and marketing materials. All good rebrands start with research into the current brand perception - that of internal and external stakeholders. Data from that research then informs the strategy used moving forward, in which a brand is repositioned according to consumer needs and the marketplace climate. Then comes the identity phase, during which the visual - logos, colours, typography, photography- and verbal - names, taglines, messaging - aspects of the brand are reimagined. This all tends to culminate in a website redesign and/ or marketing collateral, before being reintroduced to the world.

Signs That It’s Time To Rebrand

Although timing can differ for every business, there are a few telltale signs that a rebrand is necessary.

1.     Your Name No Longer Reflects Your Vision

One of the most obvious signs of an overdue rebrand is a redundant brand name. This is a common problem: what seemed like a great name a decade ago naturally may no longer represent what your company or product stands for. Regardless of the reason, you shouldn’t let your brand name be a burden. A strong name is the foundation of what your brand is all about; it appears front and centre on every touchpoint that your clients interact with. Your brand name should thus be unique, eye-catching and, above all, memorable.

2.   You’re Embarrassed By Your Business Card or Website

If you find yourself acting a little shy about handing out your business card, or feel like your website should come with a disclaimer about needing an update, it’s high-time for a rebrand. After all, if you’re embarrassed, it’s highly likely that others within  your company are too. This can take a toll on promotion and morale. Undergoing a website refresh or business card redesign can make all the difference.

3.   You’re Struggling to Stand Out From the Crowd

Another key way to know when a rebrand is on the horizon is when your business starts to look like everyone else’s. Branding is all about competitive differentiation, but a surprising amount of companies are unable to communicate what their main differentiators even are. A rebrand can help you identify and redefine your key differentiators, including your Unique Selling Point (USP): the essence of what makes your brand better than its competitors.

Rebrand for Success with Nettl of Exeter

When undergoing a rebranding project, it’s important to choose a digital marketing company that you can trust. Nettl of Exeter have been helping businesses across Exeter and Devon connect with their audiences and obtain a wider reach for 20 years. We provide everything from website design to SEO and logo packages to ensure that your business is primed for success. For more information, please get in touch.

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