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Your walls are your biggest canvas to make a big impact

Who likes beige and boring? Let’s face it. Nobody. So why subject your staff and customers to uninspiring interiors and sterile looking walls? Research shows that staff are more productive in an enriched environment and customer dwell time goes up too. How can you achieve this? Simple. Spruce up your decor with some gorgeous wall graphics. Your walls are the biggest canvases in your rooms. Don't let them go to waste. Transform them with sexy wall art and wall graphics to really give the wow factor.

Price bracket: economy
Price bracket: economy
Price bracket: economy
Price bracket: economy

Delight your staff and impress your customers with gorgeous wall graphics

Big spaces can give big impact. Use your walls to explain your story, your mission and even to reinforce your brand. It makes sense too. Research has shown that a well designed office helps to reduce absenteeism and makes people happier.

If your walls are customer facing, use them to convey sales messages, or use them to help create a mood and experience. Out of sight of customers? Use wall graphics to create inspirational messages, or feelings of aspiration with tropical beaches to boost the mood.

Tray sign of Kate Walker's logo on the side of a stone building

Different ways to add life to your walls…

Go big with full wall vinyl

We can cover entire walls with self - adhesive vinyl graphics. Want to work in the milky way? No problem. Live underwater? Sure. View the great pyramids? Just mind the sand. Whatever you want to print on the wall vinyl for your space, it will be truly inspirational. Vinyl is very high tack, which makes it ideal for permanent installation. We can even add a matt laminate to make it wipe-clean - perfect for use in bathrooms, keeping on top of marks. All our vinyl is printed with UV resistant inks for longevity.

Ooh aah just a little bit... (of wall vinyl)

Go more 'Gina G' with your walls if you don't want them fully covered. Using our cut out vinyl we can apply shapes, words, and illustrations to your painted walls. This can work really well, leaving your paint colour to show through on the cut out bits. Cut out vinyl isn't limited to just walls. This can be stuck to cabinets, doors and even lifts too. Just peel and apply; though our expert fitters can take care of sticking them on if you want that perfect finish.


This isn't just any old wallpaper from a DIY store. This is Nettl's premium wallpaper, fully printed and branded with whatever bespoke design you desire. Our wallpaper has a smooth, matt premium finish. The rolls are around double the width of standard rolls you'd use at home. Our signage fitting experts can help with installing for a perfect result, or anyone who's good at decorating can put it up. Get some paste on the wall and hang as normal. A 5mm overlap will help with aligning each drop to the next one.

Wall Graphic Examples

Custom Printed Wallpaper
Set 2 Recruit
Printed Wall Vinyl
British Gas
Printed Wall Mural
Exeter Science Park
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