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Wayfinding Signs

Making sure people go to the right place is not an easy thing

If you’ve ever wondered why customers are wandering around aimlessly or always asking where the toilet is, that’s a good sign that you’re in need of some decent wayfinding signage. Don’t worry though, the helpful ladies and gents at Nettl have donkey's years of experience in helping point visitors and customers in the right direction. Great directional signage helps get visitors to their destination quickly and safely, and reduces the chances of them getting lost or having to ask.

Price bracket: economy
Price bracket: economy
Price bracket: economy
Price bracket: economy

Getting your visitors from A to B with Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signage encompasses all directional signs that are used through the interior and exterior of your premises. From navigating vehicles who arrive in your car park, to signposting pedestrians to reception.

Multi-finger post signs are commonly used in shopping centres or at busy pedestrian traffic routes to point people in the right direction.

Tray sign of Kate Walker's logo on the side of a stone building

Point those punters in the right direction

Perfect for large campuses or complicated office blocks, or even hospitals or hotels. Wayfinding signage isn’t just about finger post signs. Get creative with large scale directional arrows on wall graphics, or spice it up with shaped floor graphics to guide people around. Traditional wayfinding boards look classy and can be super useful when used outside to guide people around the grounds and help visitors to find reception and those delivery drivers to find goods-in.

Good wayfinding signage is all about planning. It’s useful to draw up a map of your premises and plot where signs will be place to guide direction, to ensure it’s easy to follow. Nettl can help with this as part of our site survey and project consultancy, just get in touch for a quote!

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At Nettl we take care of everything when it comes to installing a monolith sign. From the planning and design through to the groundworks, manufacture, delivery and installation. You'll be in safe hands with our trusted and reliable installers.
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