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Why Signage is So Important For Your Business

Written by Tom on November 24, 2022

If you currently operate or are planning on starting a business, an important consideration is how you plan on using signage. A unique and attractive sign can be very advantageous for your brand when it comes to standing out from the crowd - increasing sales and helping your business to grow lucratively.

Signage can come in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t just have to be outside of your premises. High-quality, creative interior signage can be a great marketing tool, too. Read on to find out more about why signage is so integral to the success of your business.

1.     It’s a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

For small businesses with limited marketing funds, signage can be a cost-effective way to market yourself which can still aid growth. Although you’ll have to invest a small amount into having the signage designed and installed, once it’s ready you’ll have the ability to advertise 24/7 at no extra cost.

Much of what is required for businesses to grow is impeded by fundamental marketing strategies being over-budget. However, signage is a quick, affordable and enduring way to advertise your business locally.

2.   Builds Brand Awareness

Everyone knows that strong brand awareness is crucial to the prosperity of any business, and how you choose to promote will determine how your clients interact with you. It might be the case that you have your digital marketing under control: you’re publishing weekly blogs and continuously increasing social media engagement. However, signage should nonetheless be used as a primary communication tool to ensure that all bases are covered.

3.   Provides an Edge Against the Competition

Signage can offer your business the competitive advantage you need to stand out in a world of oversaturated marketing. An attention-grabbing shop front sign can massively improve curb appeal and can act as a key differentiating factor for those passing by. Your location can also play a role in this: if your signage stands out against others in the local area, you’ll be at a significant advantage.

4.   Enhances Communication

Signage acts as a brand’s most visible form of communication, and can be used to convey a vast number of messages, including:

  • Information: opening hours, directions, reminders.
  • Celebration: anniversaries, goals and objectives reached, sales increases.
  • Motivation: positive feedback, good news, employee benefits, customer discounts.
  • Advice: policies, rules and regulations, local information.
  • Reinforcement: company goals and objectives, visions and values.
  • Promotion: exclusive deals, sales, new branches opening.
  • Direction: to certain parts of a building, to a newly opened location.

5.   Increases Impulse Sale Opportunities

A study by FedEx found that around 76% of consumers said that they have entered a store or business that they had never been to before based on their signage alone. With impulsive buying being such a lucrative opportunity for transactions, marketing is integral to capturing these sales. For instance, signs can be used to direct customers to add-on items and exclusive offers. Additionally, signage can be used to give customers a sense of urgency with limited time deals and promotions.

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